Install Intel MKL to C# Unity using VS’ Package Manager with NuGet (successfully): Install-Package MathNet.Numerics.MKL.Win-x64. Sources 1 and 2 tell you to put both MathNet.Numerics.MKL.dll and libiomp5md.dll to the output directory, which is set to Temp\UnityVS_bin\Debug\ in C# Unity.
I just encountered this myself, and it comes from erroneous settings in "manifest.json" file, found inside /Packages/ Delete (or move) the manifest file, even while Unity is running, and Unity will rebuild it. The errors then go away.
Jun 14, 2012 · [03:11] ActionParsnip, i think this is basically an package manager thing. when i go to install it, it will hang on setting up mysql-server until i hit "stop mysql" ,implying that it's running, although i don't see it. Get code examples like
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