Microsoft .NET Framework all versions in one package is a all-in-one type of system component installer that repacks all versions (1.1 – 4.8.0) of the official Microsoft .NET Framework offline setup files in a single setup. It not only compresses the overall size of all installation files, but also greatly simplifies the installation process ...
2 days ago · Deploy the Web Application. Once done, we are ready to publish our .NET Core Web Application on the Linux CentOS server. The simplest thing to do that is to use a FTP client, assuming that our Linux CentOS server has a FTP server ready and working: in case it doesn’t, we can either install a FTP server from scratch by following this tutorial or use SSH or other file-transfer methods.
To deploy a Linux/Unix agent via pull deployment, make sure that the following conditions are met: Orion Web Console must be accessible from the target Linux computer. Pull deployment uses wget, curl, or perl to download the installation files from the chosen polling engine. Learn how to build, migrate, and scale your .NET applications with Azure. Find resources, tools, and tutorials to help you get started.
The following values are examples of RIDs: linux-x64, ubuntu.14.04-x64, win7-x64, or osx.10.12-x64. For the packages with native dependencies, the RID designates on which platforms the package can be restored.
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