One can compare that to an average person’s video, chat and other internet use, which Krzanich says is about 650 MB per day and will escalate to 1.5 GB per day, or essentially double, by 2020.
Aug 11, 2016 · It has no proven benefit by itself—and no woman’s bladder, already pressured by a growing baby, welcomes two litres of water on top of the requisite milk, juice and other drinks. A pregnant woman needs, on average, approximately 10 cups (2.3 liters) of fluid per day.
Jan 12, 2016 · Water Use The Old Farmer’s Almanac reports that the average person uses 123 gallons of water daily. If the standard deviation is 21 gallons, find the probability that the mean of a randomly selected sample of 15 people will be between 120 and 126 gallons. Assume the variable is normally distributed. 17. Jun 09, 2008 · I have a 4 bed detached home, electric cooker (gas hob), tropical fishtank on 24/7, tv on about 8hrs per day, sky/dvd/stereo on 24/7 use/standby, kettle on about 6 times per day, microwave x3, the usual fridge/freezer 24/7 and washing machine once per day Heating not required at moment (gas anyway) lights not required really at this time of year.
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